Roll Out in Style

Roll Out in Style

Bring your car to our Lubbock, Texas auto paint shop

Does your vehicle need a new coat of paint? Drive it over to Morenos Elite Autowork! We’re a team of trusted vehicle painters serving the Lubbock, Texas area. Our crew brings years of experience to our work. Whether you’re repairing minor damage or simply in the mood for a new look, you can rely on us.

3 things we do differently

Wondering what makes Morenos so special? Here are a few reasons to trust your ride to our Lubbock, Texas team:

1. We don’t just paint over old coats. Unlike some of our competitors, we’ll never just slap new paint over old. First, we’ll be sure to strip the old paint away completely.

2. We’re experts at matching colors. After our work is through, you won’t be able to tell there was so much as a single scratch.

3. We’ve got an artistic eye. We can help you decide on the best color for your particular vehicle. We’ll help you get creative!

Call 469-222-9540 to schedule an appointment at our Lubbock, Texas car paint shop.