Rewind Time and Undo Damage

Rewind Time and Undo Damage

Our Lubbock, TX auto body shop can fix your car up right

Were you involved in an accident in the Lubbock area? Whether your vehicle was struck by a shopping cart or another vehicle, bring it to Morenos Elite Autowork! We’re a team of skilled auto body experts serving the Lubbock, Texas area. We can repair any internal or external damage your car may have sustained.

We can erase the damage from any incident

Don’t feel frustrated by your vehicle’s ruined look! Lubbock, TX’s Morenos Elite Autowork coordinates with numerous insurance companies to deliver comprehensive post-accident restoration and recovery. We’ll work hard to return your car or truck to pristine condition following your:

  • Fender bender or wreck
  • Parking lot collision
  • Dent, ding or scratch

Let us make your car look better than ever. Call 469-222-9540 to schedule an appointment at our Lubbock, Texas auto body shop.