Frequently Asked Questions

1.How much will it cost to change my paint color?

A color change cost depends on the size of vehicle and if they want to do the door jambs, under hood & trunk area. On a mid size car were looking at 5,000 to 5,500. Very labor intensive to assure a quality job is done.

2. Does your paint job carry a warranty?

Theirs a lifetime warranty on paint & labor. The parts we use come with a manufactures warranty.

3. I only need one part of my car to be repainted.

Will this affect the rest of the look of my car? Through blending and our color matching process we provide a seamless finish.

4. How long do repairs take?

Depending on the size of repair and part availability we strive to repair a vehicle quickly as possible while keeping quality first.

5. Do you accept insurance claims?

We accept all insurance claims. We will work with the insurance company to restore your vehicle back to pre-crash condition.

6. If my frame is damaged, will my car ever be the same?

With the technology and equipment available we are able to repair your vehicle back to pre-crash condition.

7. Why should I choose Moreno’s Elite Autowork?

At Moreno's Elite Autowork we pride ourselves in our attention to detail in repairing your vehicle. We provide quality work and customer service.

8. Do you work on high end cars?

We specialize in high end cars. We have factory training and are experts.

9. Can you help me work with my insurance?

Absolutely! We understand that working with insurance companies can be exhausting and time consuming. We will deal with insurance companies to have your vehicle repaired.

10. What are some common collision repairs you complete?

Some common collision repairs that we complete are bumper repairs, repairing hail damage, and small dents. We can also repair your vehicle after a major collision.

11. I got into a collision. What do I do?

The first thing you need to do is get a police report. You will also need to other party insurance information. Make sure you take pictures of your car as well as the scene of the accident. GIve us a call and we will arrange towing to our shop. We will then contact the insurance companies. Once the insurance completes an initial inspection we take over and inspect your car and find all the damage to ensure that the insurance repairs your vehicle back to the way it was before the accident. We will even wash it before you pick it up!