Bring Back the Glory Days

Bring Back the Glory Days

Bring your vintage vehicle to our Lubbock, TX restoration shop

Are you the owner of a vintage vehicle? Would you like to restore your ride to its former glory?

Morenos Elite Autowork is one of the best, most trusted car restoration shops in the region. We employ a team of experts who can replace, renew and update every part and component on your:

  • Antique car or truck
  • Vintage car or truck
  • Classic sports car
  • Hot rod

If you want to look good and have fun behind the wheel of a historic ride, you’ve come to the right pit crew.

You don’t have to break the bank to restore your car

Lubbock, TX’s Morenos Elite Autowork can complete your vehicle restoration at a competitive price. We won’t overcharge you for our top-quality work. Call 469-222-9540 to schedule an appointment at our Lubbock, Texas auto restoration shop.